• how to extend battery life?

    Hello, I have a laptop asus R500V intel core i3, I just picked up the battery after regeneration and the maximum working time is less than 2 hours. Do you know any application that will extend battery life. I installed a power manager and energy management, but it did not drain the battery life. I use cinnamon.
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    Thanks Adam

  • Installing tlp is really helpful (at least for me) when it comes to battery life on laptops. To install it just do sudo pacman -S tlp and to get it running all you have to do is type sudo tlp start in the terminal.

    Hope this helps!

  • Hi,

    i just saw this yesterday. It may help you.


  • thermald will save power too by holding temperature down under 45°C

  • This post is deleted!
  • Hello, I installed tlp and the program works, but after installing thermald something is wrong.
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    The installation of the software did not bring any major effects to the battery life of about 1h40min.
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  • @marnypopis

    sudo systemctl enable thermald
    sudo systemctl start thermald

    Does that help?

  • you need to start and enable with systemd:
    sudo systemctl start thermald
    sudo systemctl enable thermald

  • @manuel ha ha ha we get it again sametimeposting

  • @joekamprad That’s right! :)
    But first enable, then start, right? ;)

  • @manuel enable will take action on next bootup, so do not matter, start will start immediately…

  • There is much better but it still about 2h work
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  • @marnypopis
    Sorry, can’t read Polish…

  • @marnypopis you can try starting the powermanager with LANG=C tag:

    LANG=C mate-battery-status

    mate-battery-status needs to be the programm you want to run with english (C-locale)

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