• Wicd applet for top panel?

    Hello Antergos community, I was having some wifi issues and ended up replacing NetworkManager with wicd, my connection seems stable for now, but now I don’t have a wifi icon on the top panel!

    I have searched but I can’t find an applet for gnome 3.26 that makes wicd work as the default manager, so I was thinking is there an way to edit the NetworkManager applet to work the same way but using wicd?

    I found a forum post of a guy that did a gnome extension by just adding a couple lines in extension.js but the post is from 2011, can someone help me so I can have a wifi icon on the top panel? I can donate for a coffee or a beer!

    I appreciate your help community! bye.

  • Do you try Topicons Plus extension already? But take the one directly from gnome shell extensions page

  • @joekamprad Yes, thank you for the suggestion. Thats the extension I am currently using but it looks like this:

    0_1518021740166_Screenshot from 2018-02-07 10-39-44.png

    I want the icon to match the others (with the padding) and if possible to show the signal level. I do know a little about javascript but how to I retrieve that info from wicd?

    I am reading gnome development guide and I am starting to work on my own extension but there is no information on how to achieve that :(

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