• Random session logout

    Hi: I have just switched to Antergos from years of Ubuntu GNOME.
    When upgraded to the latest Ubuntu version (17.10) (with GNOME as default DE) I started experiencing random session logout without being able to detect the cause. Then I rolled back to Ubuntu GNOME 16.04 LTS which had no such issue.

    Now I switched to Antergos GNOME because I missed the features in the latest GNOME DE but still needed a stable working environment but surprise… random crashes all over again.

    What happens is that the GNOME session freezes randomly, but mostly when a new application/window is about to open; then sometimes it restarts without any change but usually just crashes, logs me out, and then of course anything from the previous session is still alive after logging back in.

    I am no such optimistic in expecting an immediate solution, but at least I hope someone has an explaination.

  • @melemarco94 Are you on Wayland? I experienced some similar issues the previous week, and switched to X, which work more stable.

  • @piotr According to loginctl I’m on X

  • @melemarco94 Let’s wait for more skilled people to reply, if so. I’ve had no such experience, running Antergos / GNOME on 4 various machines.

  • @piotr I’ve disabled all GNOME extensions, including themes, because it hit my mind that it might be a cause; possibly some updated extension to meet the latest GNOME shell. Nevertheless, they are never extremely sound. This last minutes are sustaining my theory, but I’ll give it a longer try before asserting anything.

  • @melemarco94 You can also try switching to Wayland and back, and see what happens (requires replacing lightdm with gdm). However, if I had to guess, I’d say: check graphics drivers first.

  • I’d say: check graphics drivers first.

    Not sure how to check if that’s the problem, though. 😅

  • That’s why we need to wait for the staff to wake up: I’m just the user who followed the Bumblebee for NVIDIA Optimus guide once, and everything works well.

  • @piotr you are not “only” a user ;)

    @melemarco94 to get some basic systeminfo and some knowledge about warnings and errors please give us the pastebin of the systemsumup:

    lspci > log.txt && lsusb >> log.txt && journalctl -b -0 >> log.txt && cat log.txt | curl -F [email protected] https://ptpb.pw/?u=1

    this commandline will give out a url that links to a pastebin shows your system specs and journal.

  • [UPDATE] I daresay this might be related to GNOME Shell theme. I’m running with all GNOME extensions enabled but user themes, and the system seems sound; it’s been hours now. I’m thinking of enabling user themes with another theme.

  • @lincoln_lee This probably won’t comfort you much, but I’m still having random freezes on Wayland while connecting Android devices to ADB. Time to get back to X again… And - yes: I keep User themes off. No that I noticed any issues, but I’m happy with Numix-Frost.

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