• pulse audio icon in panel shows the mute 'x' after booting

    the pulse audio modul icon in the xfce-panel shows the mute ‘x’ after every boot, it disappears when moving the mouse cursor over it.
    How can I fix it?

  • I was looking at this now, because noticed this a few days and the volume keys on keyboard was also working, and they are not working now.
    But after a reboot, it shows the X but sound plays normally. So, I’m looking at this now, if I find something I’ll say it here.
    I found a few tips but none worked so…

  • As I rebooted it works but no keys changing the volume, but soon as I move the mouse over it, it removes the X and shows the wave sign. Also mouse buttons work for options.
    So it looks like this crashed or something happens that it disables it.
    I’ve seen a few problems on the web like this and some advice the Xfce4-mixer but still don’t know if it works.

  • Read this https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/PulseAudio/Troubleshooting
    Yeah too much text but I will read it tomorrow as it’s late now, and I’m also doing a fresh install of Antergos only with Xfce and start from there.
    I have too many DE installed.

  • thx very much
    ¡Muchas gracias!

  • Hi
    I have only XFCE installed and i have the same issue.I think it’s a bug.

  • Problem is solved since the last update.

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