• Deepin usb / DVD issue

    Hey, I’ve installed Deepin next to cinnamon to try this DE.
    With cinnamon, when I plug in my usb drive, it opens my usb folder. When I try to do this in Deepin, it does open my file manager, but it does not go to my usb files.

    Screen record of problem

    There is one more thing, I would like it to open vlc when I insert a DVD.

    Thanks in advance


  • This is the way Deepin works, you have to manually open the file.
    If you go to the Deepin control centre and open the preference menu, there you can choose your default apps.


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  • Ok, I hope they will implement these options in the future, but I still think Deepin is the most polished DE at this moment. And very snappy too. I like it very much. 😉

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