• Deepin Launcher closing issues

    I’ve problem with Deepin App Launcher. It won’t close after clicking outside of it but is closing when clicked inside:

    0_1517847663757_deepin-screen-recorder_Select area_20180205171502.gif

    One solution I have found is to make it full screen then shrink again and it is closing fine (click outside) clicking inside still closes it. This solution is temporary though.

  • Have you tried to change your touchpad/cursor settings? I just tried it in Deepin and the window closes when I click outside of it.

  • @bryanpwo but what should I change? I’m using mouse. Changing cursor doesn’t do anything.

  • I meant changing the responsiveness not the cursor itself.

  • @bryanpwo Tried that. Doesn’t help. It seems that it’s working ok after restart but later on it breaks. I’ll need to find what exactly is triggering this issue.

    For now I’ve tried to open/close most often used apps but can’t find the right one yet.

  • I also searched for answers on the internet, but I found nothing on it. I don’t use Deepin as a daily driver anymore and I’ve never had this issue, because I used fashion mode. It could be an error in Deepin itself. I suggest to also put this problem on their forum.

  • @Bryanpwo I’ve found it. Right clicking on any item in the launcher is blocking ability to close it with outside click. It’s valid for any launcher state - full screen, grid, list.

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