• Deepin logout / shutdown !?

    OK so this is embarrassing, but just installed Antergos (rolling) with Deepin desktop, and I can’t find any way to shut down / logout / suspend / etc !?. Searched through all settings, power management, accounts etc, but there’s nothing there !. This is my first time using Deepin so what am I missing !?

  • @redart OK so I found it, but does it need to be so well hidden !?. Strewth !!

  • this is caused by the unconfigurable dock, and it is kinda unusual that the power button is inside the dock…

  • @joekamprad – Thanks. If the dock is in “Fashion Mode” then there’s no sign of any logout /shutdown buttons. Need to switch to “Efficient Mode”. Same story with the Launcher screen - shutdown icon only appears if you switch to compact view.

  • @redart
    I agree with you that the powerbutton isn’t recognizable in fashion mode as it is in efficient mode, but now you know where the power button is hidden, you don’t need to switch to efficient mode to switch your computer off. Somehow the Deepin devs chose to share the energy and powerbuttton in one icon.
    You can also approach this in another way: If your used to Windows, then the efficient mode seems more logical to you, If you’re used to Mac. the fashion mode is more recognizable.
    Deepin also chose for a very clean desktop, hence the missing top bar that other DE’s have. I think that’s the reason why the powerbutton is in the dock.

  • @bryanpwo thanks for bringing the light!

  • Thanks again for the responses. It certainly is a very clean layout, especially in Fashion Mode.
    The logout/shutdown screen is also very aesthetically pleasing (shame to hide it so well!) - reminds me of Oblogout (originally by @oberon ?) with the icon layout and screen blur. Does anyone know if they’re related ?. Can’t find any oblogout.conf anywhere.

  • Maybe they used the technique of it, Deepin devs rather take their own spin on apps, though Oberon is the maintainer of Manjaro Deepin, so maybe he had some influence on this one.

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