• what happen with linux and linux-LTS ?

    Hello, everyone!

    My machine didn’t boot after it upgraded to the last lts kernel too! No kernel after 4.10 boots on my machine, so I downgraded lts to the 4.9 again from my “Manjaro for backup” system using chroot. But I want to know why those kernel versions can’t boot. Is there some kind of “check list” or a test that I can do to find the problem and disable some code of kernels to make it work?

    Sorry for my english! :D

  • Something went wrong with the Linux-lts version, I think it was meant to be for the regular kernel. Now linux kernel is at 4.15 and lts kernel is at 4.16. So nvidia-lts and linux -lts aren’t in sync at the moment.

  • @bryanpwo you mean linux-lts is now 4.14 , each january period is a lts time… lts lives 2 years

  • @bryanpwo
    You are right (but with a typo): linux-lts is 4.4.16 as it should now be, but linux is 4.4.15 which is clearly wrong. Maybe @developers can do something? Or is it just an upstream problem?

    EDIT: checked it from upstream, it is their problem, will be fixed soon.

  • @manuel @ringo32
    Yes it was a confusing typo, sorry for that.
    Good to know that it got noticed upstream.

  • If its on kernel arch become bit more conservative, its good i would say :) is just when manjaro force quickly to next new kernel in te repo. Arch seems have bit more conservative, is fine, mostly issues is on the first 2 point release :) in my experience. even 4.15rc lives a while bugs could be subjective also.

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