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    Hi all!

    This thread is for you! We want to know if you want to collaborate in promoting Antergos in social networks.

    Share here your ideas!

    We would like to form an official “promotion” group. In the end, this group will be in charge of managing our social network accounts, so it should be formed by trusted people.

    But first things first, what do you think? Are you interested? Do you have any ideas/suggestions to share?

    You do not need programming skills! Just knowing how to manage twitter or/and facebook or/and G+.


  • @karasu Hi, I’m totally new in antergos family but I think I can help here a little. I’m owner of small ad agency.

    First of all to start successful promotion campaign you will need strong and most importantly - consistent corporate identity. Think of it as a sum of graphical signs, colours, web design, material used for promotion and even the way you want (and will be) to communicate with users.

    I can help with creating strong brand for antergos, if you are interested with such big project. I can manage the whole thing as well as just create it from scratch.

  • That’s a great idea, besides informing about updates or warnings for users, maybe we can highlight monthly an average user experience through the channels, by blog or vlog. Just to highlight that Antergos is for everyone.
    I am willing to put in my efforts in managing the social network accounts, since I’m not a programming wizzard, I’d love to give you guys this in return for creating and maintaining Antergos.

  • i am in for sure! i do use social media for ages, but today as most of the people i know, we do not use facebook that intense anymore, in my point facebook is nothing more than one commercial window for business and projects, but still a must have because of the numbers…

    i am on twitter and already promote some stuff from antergos time by time.

    And yes marketing: the best marketing is quality, and service, and this is a main goal antergos is providing, also the friendly community is a huge goal!

    But i am with @luke_d that a corporate identity is a powerfull tool in web, as pictures linked with information are forming powerfull neuronal connections in our brains. ( ;) )
    But there is already done some huge huge work on that from @lots-0-logs ?

    So what is needed here is only to spread this to the left corners, and get it running for future changes (collection of icons / colour theme / pictures / logo e.t.c.)

    For building a team it would be very nice to have users there with experience for the different things!

    I am not the best in the role of a captain, but i am very good in the one of a lieutenant. (can we use such miltary picture in web today?)

    I see Antergos as the child from our @developers and to do not get to much struggle: the design, and the way it will be promoted or changed lays in their hands. —> imho !! <___

    I would love to have a group of trusted users with a regularly communication and a plan to care about promotion.

    First idea comes into my head was to have a youtube channel where we can spread video tutorials, as this is something humans seems to like very much nowadays! i would like to invest some brainfiller on this, and i am sure we have some users here with knowledge on video editing! (me to a bit).

    Second is something i do already write somewhere: the newsblog, but mainly to push information to users about actual issues and changes to linux/antergos/archlinux itself, but to have some one responsible for it in the manner of writing the news, and a hardpoint for collect this informations and contact Person for users and developers in this matters.

    uhhh tooooo much text for the web user –STOP–

  • I would like to emphasize the role of the strong foundation of visual communication in any chosen channel. Without it any activities sooner or later will backfire or just will have really little influence. And it will be simply chaotic.

    We will need coherent backgrounds, brand book for different cases of using logotype, fonts, stills for video creation and lot of different things carefully chosen, described and properly used.

    For a logotype itself I think it could use some re-branding based on (even a small) social research.

    All of this should be created having in mind our publicity. We need to know to who are we talking or to who we want to talk. Without it communication will be like shooting blanks in the dark forest.

    Personally I would take a step back and first create strong brand and after it take care of different social channels and properly use this brand to successfully communicate it to the world. Just like any “big players” are doing.

    I have something about 13 years of experience with creating successful brands and products (and many different things) as well as managing such projects with bigger teams.

  • as @luke_d say:

    I can help with creating strong brand for antergos, if you are interested with such big project. I can manage the whole thing as well as just create it from scratch.

    That is a big offer, from a very new user!

    I am not from the marketing business, and i do not disagree with your points
    ( joekamprad. “pictures linked with information are forming powerfull neuronal connections in our brains.”)
    and all the details are not what we need to talk about before hand…

  • @joekamprad I’ve recently switched to antergos from elementaryOS. Guys there are doing pretty good job with terms of design and promotion but overall eos and its direction isn’t for me. I’ve looked a while for new distro and I’m amazed with “user friendly arch” as for me as designer (sometimes a little bit front-end dev) it’s a holy grail.

    The funniest thing is that my wife told me today - “we should make something unusual in spare time, like brand design for some eggs or mirrors or even good open source project”. Couple hours later here I am. So count her in also as a contributor ;) She will not be able to participate here directly because of language skills.

  • Mostly promotion by Quality probably before the stable build more review build to spread :p rest comes at the end.

  • @luke_d this is exactly what opensource needs!

    may you can give some info about you? if you do not want to do this public, feel free to get me on chat! or get @karasu as he is the poststarter and trusted as developer.

  • Also write on youtube in known shows like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NkiijvCcbpA that I’m watching at the moment.
    I do always write about Antergos and my experiences in Linux there.
    This Destination Linux podcast is very nice to hear, and I’m starting from the last to the first and watching every show.
    There are many other Linux shows also. I will watch and write on those after I reach all videos on DL.

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