• Dash to Dock extension wont autostart and other tweak issues

    anyone else having issues with the gnome tweak app? i cant get dash to dock extension to start at boot. i have to turn it off and back on every time. seems like after a update this started to happen. thats the only extension that does that and probably my most fav extension :)

    also the theme area. you cant open the selections you have to just click on it and hit up or down on keyboard to get through them. again a recent issue.

    just checking to see if anyone else has been getting some gnome tweak issues of late?

  • new to me … i will have a look now…

  • i do not have this issues here, but my workdesk installation is kind of very personalized :) mainly because i do not use antergos-gnome-meta package.

  • must be something i did :) thanks for checking @joekamprad

  • i try also on a testing VM, no problem with dash-to-dock.

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