• Suspend, reboot, hibernate don't work properly.


    Some time ago i restored default bios settings. After that the system has stopped either suspend or reboot properly. When i’am suspedning the system it seems to be ok. But when i push power button, there is only a darkness on my screen, computer doesn’t react to any input. Then i can power it off by holding the power button, but whan i’am pushing it again, there is no bios at all. The only thing i can do is unplug the power supply and hold power button, plug it again, Then i can boot the system. When i’am trying to reboot it’s the same story. Screen becomes black … Antergos Live usb stick don’t have these problems, everything seems to be ok. It looks like an ACPI table issue but i have no idea how to fix it.

    https://pastebin.com/MSmWLZtv - My dmesg



  • @donescopeta Can you hibernate via systemctl hibernate? Do you have resume kernel option set?

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