• Hercules mainframe emulator

    Had anyone installed Hercules Mainframe emulator https://github.com/hercules-390/hyperion and installed any version of zOS ou MVS?

    Installed hercules but noticed that hercules.cnf is not present. So before I dig into it, if someone has already installed, I would like to know how to configure it or get some help.


  • Ok, I just copy the config from gentoo page to start, and manage to get hercules running.

    Creating DASD is easy will create it later, so I managed to get as below. But putting zOS or MVS will be the real challenge. Help me.

    [[email protected] bin]# hercules -f hercules.cnf
    Hercules Version 3.13
    ©Copyright 1999-2015 by Roger Bowler, Jan Jaeger, and others
    Built on Dec 14 2017 at 08:22:19
    Build information:
    Modes: S/370 ESA/390 z/Arch
    Max CPU Engines: 8
    Using setresuid() for setting privileges
    Dynamic loading support
    Using shared libraries
    HTTP Server support
    Regular Expressions support
    Automatic Operator support
    Machine dependent assists: cmpxchg1 cmpxchg4 cmpxchg8
    Running on linodesk Linux-4.14.15-1-ARCH.#1 SMP PREEMPT Tue Jan 23 21:49:25 UTC 2018 x86_64 MP=2
    HHCHD018I Loadable module directory is /usr/lib/hercules
    Crypto module loaded © Copyright Bernard van der Helm, 2003-2010
    Active: Message Security Assist
    Message Security Assist Extension 1
    Message Security Assist Extension 2
    Message Security Assist Extension 3
    Message Security Assist Extension 4
    HHCCF065I Hercules: tid=7F2FC0FD3740, pid=16213, pgid=16213, priority=0
    HHCTE001I Console connection thread started: tid=7F2FBDF8E700, pid=16213
    HHCTE003I Waiting for console connection on port 3270
    HHCRD003E Unable to access file “./rdr/gentoo.parmfile”: No such file or directory
    HHCCF044E Initialization failed for device 000C
    HHCDA002E 0120:File not found or invalid ‘./dasd/3390.LINUX.0120’
    HHCCF044E Initialization failed for device 0120
    HHCCT073I 0A00: TUN device tun0 opened
    HHCIF005E hercifc: ioctl error doing SIOCDIFADDR on tun0: 25 Inappropriate ioctl for device
    HHCTT002I Timer thread started: tid=7F2FBD44D700, pid=16213, priority=-20
    HHCCP002I CPU0000 thread started: tid=7F2FBD54E700, pid=16213, priority=15
    HHCCP003I CPU0000 architecture mode z/Arch
    HHCCP002I CPU0001 thread started: tid=7F2FBD34C700, pid=16213, priority=15
    HHCCP003I CPU0001 architecture mode z/Arch

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