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    Windows was booting instead of grub and I was having issues changing the boot order with efibootmgr (HP bullshits), so I instinctively replaced Boot/bootx64.efi with grub efi file.

    It works correctly now (hurray). But windows takes more time to boot now, when selected in grub.

    Is there a better way ? What did I do exactly ? Is there a good explanation on EFI structure somewhere ? Do you know why windows takes more time to boot now ?

  • Hi,

    i like the following explanation.

    Your problem isn’t easy to answer. I know that a lot of ODMs are not allowing to boot from the default bootfolder or bootfile (bootloader) of the distribution.

    For example.

    Every registered Distri has its own path in the ESP-Partition but some ODMs configure there UEFI to boot only from



    This isn’t matching for most of the OSes out there. So after the installation of Linux some modifications must be done.

    In the best case your UEFI (BIOS) has the ability to select bootfiles (bootloader) as trusted. Then it is possible to add the grubx64.efi of the antergos easily.

    This option is often named “Select UEFI file as trusted for execution”.
    If this option is there just rename the files and add the grubx64.efi of antergos.
    Antergos will then show up in the boot menu of the UEFI.

    If this is not working. You could check if it is possible to enable the boot menu and add Windows Boot Manger and Antergos (with your renaming) to it. Then you can choose the OS at every boot up.

    By the way… could you specific “windows takes more time to boot”

  • @randomdude
    Does it help if you create a new file /boot/grub/custom.cfg with this kind of contents:

    menuentry "Windows" {
      set file=/EFI/Microsoft/Boot/bootmgfw.efi
      insmod fat
      search --set=root --file $file
      chainloader $file

    and reboot (you should see a new boot menu entry, select it)?

  • @pseudonym thanks for your answer. By “windows takes more time to boot” I mean that after selecting windows in grub there is a lag of a few seconds before windows begins to boot.

    @manuel going to try that, I’ll tell you when done.

  • may we need to register /EFI/ant or /EFI/arch here: http://www.uefi.org/registry ;)

  • @joekamprad
    This would unfortunately not change the situation. Most ODMs cooking their own “UEFI Soup”

    I personally know a lot of devices where you have to modify the data in the ESP partition to boot. For example Ubuntu, even it is registered at UEFI.org.

    UEFI boot loader does not show up in firmware menu
    On certain UEFI motherboards like some boards with an Intel Z77 chipset, adding entries with efibootmgr or bcfg from the EFI Shell will not work because they do not show up on the boot menu list after being added to NVRAM.
    This issue is caused because the motherboards can only load Microsoft Windows. To solve this you have to place the .efi file in the location that Windows uses.


  • @joekamprad said in EFI boot order files:

    may we need to register /EFI/ant or /EFI/arch here: http://www.uefi.org/registry ;)

    Downloaded the “UEFI Specification Version 2.7 (Errata A)” and already spotted an typo error, where they type “5 11” and wanted to say “511” for byte in location 511.

    Another error I found is where they say UEFI wants to be “simple”. I will suggest replacement for “Stupid”.

    Now seriously, this is a great document and finally I see something that I can read and understand, as everything else I’ve read before it too confusing.

    This is a document to keep at hand all the time.


  • only to go more deep:


  • because of the insecurity, inflexibility and property of UEFI and Intel ME, Google startet with NERF.


    and NERF is now part of the LInuxboot Project.


    So, i am happy that we might have an alternativ to UEFI in futute.
    But it’s gonna take a long time for this to arrive in the end customer segement. if it will ever arrive…

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