• I made a few really cool renders in Blender 2.8!

    I decided to try using the new unstable release of Blender 2.8 again to do some renders. I saw a post on the Manjaro Forum about Reborn OS needing a new logo so I made them some with Inkscape. It turns out they already had a logo by the time I found it so I just made them some wallpapers instead. I thought that since the Antergos forum is finally up again I’d post them here!

    alt text
    Download Grid

    alt text
    Download Headlights

    Headlights - Alone:
    alt text
    (It’s the same link as Headlights. Same file too. Just delete the cat and you have Headlights - Alone!)

    alt text
    Download Ribbons

    alt text
    Download Scattered

    Space Drums:
    alt text
    Download Space Drums

    If you click the download button you can also get access to the original .blend files if you want to do anything interesting with them! You will need Blender 2.8 which you can get here. Have fun!

    (Also, feel free to critique me! ;) )

  • @cadenmitchell These may make a good wallpaper! ;)

  • In case anyone is wondering, no, I didn’t use Cycles. I didn’t use the Internal renderer either! I used the new OpenGL real-time engine called EEVEE currently. It looks this good in the viewport too. I guess that EEVEE is kind of like an AAA gaming engine.

  • Those are really amazing @CadenMitchell :) . I’m already working on integrating them with Reborn’s upcoming community wallpaper package.

    Thank you so much for creating these.

  • @keegan No problem! It was fun to make anyway! ;)

  • Great! If you ever feel like making more, I would love to add them to our package also.

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