• [testing] New Kernel 4.15 failed to boot?

    I am on testing repo and just installed the new kernel 4.15 linux and linux-zen both failing to boot. (I thing the reason was because of failing to start LightDM)
    Also I have noticed nvidia 390.25-1 but cant update because it cant find nvidia-utils 390.25-1

    I got panicked a bit but fortunately I had an LTS kernel installed and boot from there.

    Hopefully we will get some updates soon on testing…

  • change topic to do not confuse users ;)

  • all ok now with the new nvidia updates :)

  • lib32-nvidia-utils 390.25 plz!
    (steam not running) 😱

  • Also with the new updates LTS Kernel is not booting anymore…

    I wonder if I am the only one using testing repo since noone else had any problem… 😵

  • Testing is for testing… And most users feel very up to date with normal repo

  • so back to topic…
    –split theme–

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