• Have a few questions, hopefully easy to fix.

    Firstly, hi. I decided to take the linux plunge and go all out. After years of Windows I’ve finally had enough.
    The final straw for me (of all things) was trying to use the woeful uninstall menu in Windows 10 and discovering that there was 5 games (candy crush types) which were added by Microsoft without my permissions and taking up over a gig.

    This time I am going to try hard to stick to Linux.

    so far is so good but I have some questions (and no doubt more in the future so apologies) which if answered, will help me.
    Running KDE also.

    1. Mouse Acceleration. How do I turn this off completely? (It may be disabled already but it doesn’t feel right)
    2. Nvidia drivers. How do I know I have the latest ones and what is the best way to get them? I went through the package manager and just installed NVidia at the top. Is that good enough?
    3. Adding another user. My partner and I will be using this PC so I tried to add an account. It made it admin and it says it will ask for a new password on login. I tried to use the switch user button in the top right but that did nothing. So I ended up logging out and tried to log into hers. It doesn’t work. Keeps saying authentication error. Even if I go back and manually set a password, that doesn’t work either. So I supposed two questions, why doesn’t the switch user button work and why does a new profile not work?
    4. What to do with my other drives? I have 3 hard drives also connected with all my data etc on it. IF I decide to make the full leap into Linux, would it be best or pointless to convert the drives from NTFS to a linux friendly type? Or does it make no difference?

    Really appreciate any advice you can give and hopefully I can stay the course!

  • @darkstar_ said in Have a few questions, hopefully easy to fix.:

    Nvidia drivers

    we have a handy tool to do this for you: nvidia-installer

    this will install the drivers and setup needed configurations automatic.
    as it uses the packages from repository, it will be up-to-date all the time together with usual updates after the initial installation.

    For kde/plasma related stuff there are more experienced users here can give you the hint…

    to 4.: if the extra drives carry only data it is possible to let them as they are, you can mount them on the run over filemanager, or add them to /etc/fstab for automatic mount them on boot.
    read here for details on ntfs under Archlinux systems:


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