• Software app empty

    On fresh install (Deepin DE) my Software app seems to be totally empty. All I can see are categories. Selecting Installed tab or any category shows nothing.


    I’ve tried to refresh database in Software Update app but this doesn’t helped.

  • i would not use this… take pamac for searching and install packages…

  • @joekamprad I’m using it, but what is the purpose of those two apps? I’m talking about Software and Software Update.

  • Software shops like is a Softwarecenter shipped originally with gnome and on deepin it is installed by default because it is used for original distro as far as I know.
    Antergos is shipped with pamac, as a wrapper for pacman, and makepkg wrapper to build and install stuff from AUR.
    Gnome-Software-Center is only able to install common software.

  • Hi fellow Deepin user! It appears Gnome-Software no longer includes all of the necessary dependencies for it :( . To fix that, just install the package (From Pamac) packagekit. After that, simply re-open the Gnome Software Center, and all should be fine again.

    Hope this helps and good luck!

  • Should not be this installed by default to make Software-Center working?


    It has packagekit as dependency… @Keegan @developers

  • Maybe I’m wrong here, but I’ve always had the impression that the Gnome software centre was added to Deepin after @Keegan’s Antergos-Deepin had it. Before that version, Deepin had just Pamac, like every DE has and had within Antergos. Now that Keegan’s project has evolved as an independent ISO, maybe this problem was overlooked?
    @Developers I agree with @joekamprad it should be fixed or maybe it shouldn’t be installed at default, to keep Deepin more in the same line as the other DE’s?

  • @bryanpwo yes you will know more about, as a deepin user :)

    I will link this to a bug report… https://github.com/Antergos/antergos-packages/issues/284

  • Thank you @Bryanpwo :) . That was indeed a change I made when developing Deepin for Antergos. However, that plugin you referenced @joekamprad is oddly not needed atm, but I don’t know why. Logic says it should be necessary, but it doesn’t seem to be right now. Maybe that will change in the future? I really don’t know…

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