• Totem Black screen

    Hi, I am having issues with Totem (I have audio but black screen),
    I have antergos installed on X1 Carbon 3rd gen, However Totem works fine in my antergos VM on the same host.

    I switched from lightdm to gdm as lightdm was incompatible with suspend/hibernate.
    echo $XDG_SESSION_TYPE yields: X11 on both host and VM, so I guess issue is not whether wayland or X11 is used.

    lspci | grep -i vga yields:
    00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation HD Graphics 5500 (rev 09)

    Running Totem from terminal on host and VM yields: Gtk-WARNING **: Drawing a gadget with negative dimensions.... so I guess this is irrelevant.

    Nothing of note from journalctl -f

    pacman -Qs mp4 yields:
    local/libmp4v2 2.0.0-4 MPEG-4 library

    pacman -Qs gstreamer yields:
    0_1517088381578_Screenshot from 2018-01-27 21-21-57.png

    gnome-mplayer plays videos fine.

    Totem has been working without issue for ~ 6 months, as it continues to work on the VM, I imagine an update doesn’t agree with my host configuration, though I can see nothing obvious by grepping error from the logs utility,

    Would someone be able to point me in the direction to look, regarding logs?

  • @moderndayhuman can you try uninstalling gst-vaapi?

    sudo pacman -R gstreamer-vaapi
  • @joekamprad

    Hi, I uninstalled gstreamer-vaapi as you suggested and Totem now works!

    Thank you for the quick response…

  • seems to be an old non solved bug with hardware acceleration…

    @moderndayhuman and welcome on Antergos Forum!

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