• Grub boot examples: custom.cfg

    rescue -iso boot entries including kernel parameters:

  • @joekamprad
    I’m currently experimenting with the kernel parameters… Hoping for great results! :)

  • So far no luck… :(
    Now must do something else but get back to it later.

  • /dev/disk/by-label/ANTERGOS_:rescue

    is what rescue iso is giving me

  • @joekamprad said in Grub boot examples: custom.cfg:


    may this is not following the needed standard _: is may a problem for scripts

  • @joekamprad
    I’m not using labels to find the partition where the rescue ISO is. I’m using UUIDs, and that works with the official Antergos ISOs.
    So the rescue ISO still it gives a message that it is waiting (30 seconds) for some ‘/dev/disk/by-label/’ thing but the actual label is missing from the error message!

    So it really may be that the label cannot have characters like


    if grub boots using the ISO file.

  • OR, the label simply may be too long?

  • I build one with ar as label with the same result… must be something else.

  • Meanwhile I experimented with the latest official ISOs of Arch, Antergos and Manjaro, and they all can boot OK using a grub menuentry.

    The funny thing is that they all have some minor differences (from each other) that must be taken into account, otherwise they don’t boot.

  • @joekamprad
    It looks interesting and quite good, but it also seems a bit old, and seems that it does not support modern UEFI boot. At least I couldn’t find anything in the documents about UEFI.
    It mentioned EFI and about an extra (small) partition to contain MBR even on EFI systems. For me that sounds like old school. It works, but is not the way I’ve seen current systems installed with UEFI.

    Anyway, it may be useful for some older or special systems. The documentation was quite good (but a bit oldish).

    But if it would have these new UEFI things supported, it would probably be great.

  • i was wondering if this will work for my rescue iso … PKGBUILD looks like it simple copy stuff to the right place to make it aviable…

  • @joekamprad
    Do you mean your rescue iso could boot this systemrescue iso too? I’ve never used that systemrescuecd so no experience here…

  • It may need a FAT partition…
    I’m reading http://www.system-rescue-cd.org/manual/Booting_SystemRescueCd/, don’t know if it is exactly relevant.

  • No I am on try to get Antergos Rescue Iso to boot from grub… But it seems not to get the device it try to get /device/disk/by-label as device and do not find the Label of the iso

  • @joekamprad
    I tried the same, but with the containing UUID (/dev/disk/by-uuid), not label. The UUID refers to the disk partition where the rescue ISO file currently is stored.
    Somehow it does not accept the UUID, but insists on having the label. I don’t have enough knowledge to see the reason…

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