• chromium opens to antergos page only with keyboard trigger (SOLVED)

    I am running the latest openbox, love it with chromium. When I use Ctrl-t to open a new tab it goes to my start page which is what I want. However if I use the keyboard combo to go to the home page (Alt-home), it always open antergos page. Any fix for this?

  • Check the keyboard shortcuts, I think it’s called obkeys.

    Update: I think you talking about Chromium shortcuts, check its preferences/configurations, probably there’s something there, if not, read Chromium documentation.

  • When you’ve chosen Chromium at install in cnchi, Antergos is the default homepage on it.
    The solution is here:


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  • @gychang rm ~/.config/chromium-flags.conf

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    how to add system logs:
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  • thanks, solved.

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