• KDE Connect stoped working

    As the title says KDE Connect stopped working with the latest updates.

    Phone cant find pc and pc cant find phone , I have tried removing everything reinstall again nothing.
    I have even installed KDE Connect(git) from AUR but the same thing.
    I dont have a firewall or something so it should be working unless something is wrong with Antergos.

    I have an old Laptop with Manjaro (I dont even update it ) and it seems that is working with my smartphone.

    The weird thing is that Laptop can detect PC and PC can detect Laptop when I go to KDE Connect settings to pair devices.
    However only the Laptop detects my phone and phone detects Laptop but nothing on PC.

    So anyone knows how can I make this work again? or shall I wait for future KDE updates?

    Thanks in advance for any tips


  • @kyrisk when was your last full update?

  • I think from that day it stopped working…
    I am on testing repo btw.

    I have tried also the stable repo as well but still the same problem. Maybe this update is breaking something?

  • @kyrisk said in KDE Connect stoped working:

    testing repo

    is not a good idea for the need of stability ;)

    It will be luckily more stable if a fix is merged a bit earlier then on “stable”, but testing is for testing… and one fix can be followed by something else badly broken…

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