• Nvidia K2100M does not boot after installing nvidia driver

    I recently installed Antergos with GNOME using open source drivers for my NVIDIA, which worked fine until my display started to flicker after two weeks. Therefore, I installed the nvidia driver via the package manager. After rebooting, I get a black screen. Adding nomodeset to the boot options adds a little dash to the screen, but that’s it. I can get to the command line via Crtl+Alt+F2, but I can wait forever for the graphical login. Any ideas, what I can do?

  • To install nvidia properitary driver please use Antergos tool nvidia-installer as only installing nvidia package is not working (as you can see)

    ypu can add modprobe.blacklist=nvidia to kernel boot line, to boot again on nouveau driver .
    Then you will be able to boot to DE. (if you do not uninstall noveau)

    Then install Antergos installer tool and with it the driver:

    sudo pacman -S nvidia-installer
    sudo nvidia-installer

    For more information read here:


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