• Intel Graphics On Ubuntu: GNOME vs. KDE vs. Xfce vs. Unity vs. LXDE

    Benchmarks comparing Desktop Environments performance


    I know it’s just for Ubuntu, but I didn’t find a similar and up-to-date benchmark for Arch based distros. The most interesting results are the GNOME ones, there’s a big FPS drop when it uses Wayland and not Xorg. I don’t know the technical differences between them, but it’s an interesting test. And it seems that KDE is not that good too for gaming too, at least not with Ubuntu.

    I was expecting a better performance for Xfce, that’s strange.

  • You cannot say drop but ubuntu LTS is for long term but since people also want nonfree nvidia is a pain to use wayland hahaha, mather of LTS is logical since wayland not spreadout too much.

    is easy to configure too if people want wayland. still wayland is not in full force , only fedora want to push wayland

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