• new unit of time?

    Facebook has announced a new unit of time: the flick. The unit is intended to make it easier for programmers to sync up the refresh rate of a device’s display with the content being viewed.



    1 flick = 1/705600000 second

    So i need to compare it with my current .beats

  • Interesting… I really didn’t expect Facebook to be the ones creating a whole new unit of time😆. I rather expected it to be either some scientists or Google. But not Facebook…

    Thanks for sharing that with me! Is https://futurism.com reliable over all? If so, I may go over there more often! Some of their articles are REALLY interesting to me. So thanks again @joekamprad😄.

  • Never trust only one source 😎
    It looks like blog, and the post a lot of stuff about Allan Musk.

    But I read there often, because I am a futurist.

  • Thank you so much @joekamprad! I didn’t realize “futurist” was a real term😄.

  • @joekamprad said in new unit of time?:

    But I read there often, because I am a futurist.

    why not use “Star Date” like Star Trek then?

  • @fernandomaroto’s suggestion still made me chuckle though…

  • @joekamprad said in new unit of time?:

    I am not a trekie!

    I am!
    I was just kidding though hehehe :p

  • @joekamprad said in new unit of time?:

    @keegan @fernandomaroto
    Linux version not aviable sorry! 🖖

    Yes, and the windows versions is not working on playonlinux either. Seems an abandoned project.

  • Lots of future related articles:

    It’s an utopian sub, so don’t post things or links like “we are all doomed and the world is gonna end”, they don’t like it. And they blacklisted futurism.com, check this page, I don’t know why, I remember seeing some posts of their website there some time ago.

  • @ssspacez futurism.com is kinda linked to be commercial, and surely linked to money ;)
    But i think in a capatism world this is a consensus with which one must live.
    Also never trust only one scource, trust only yourself , and make your own picture !

  • After following your reddit link @ssspacez, I came across this interesting, and yet frightful, article: https://singularityhub.com/2018/01/25/heres-the-tech-that-could-one-day-track-boost-or-erase-human-memory/

    What are your opinions on it though?


  • @keegan
    my opinion? I don’t remember :)

    But seriously though, human memory is really bad, we spend years learning things and we forget almost everything.

    Numbers, dates, names, it’s hard to remember everything, it’s like terminal commands… sometimes it’s hard to remember them, I think this is why most people prefer GUI apps, because they don’t have to remember exactly what to type.

  • @keegan
    I think we’re too far away from all those “memories manipulations”.
    Scientist are usually focused on specific points, not seeing the whole, the article for example is about electrical caractherirstics of neurons, but living beings are emotion, chemistry, etc etc, far more complex.

    I liked to read it, and i also like to see tv series, so i’ll give a try to “Black mirror” quoted in the article.

  • True. I don’t actually think memory manipulation will become a reality in the near future (if ever) but it was something intriguing to think about. It really reminded me of a book series I read a long time ago, the Mysterious Benedict Society. It is a children’s book for sure, but it deals with the aspect of memory manipulation, used for evil and broadcast to the whole world’s population. (Basically remote brain washing on a global scale). It had an intriguing story line for a children’s book for sure😄.

  • @keegan said in new unit of time?:

    Mysterious Benedict Society. It is a children’s book for sure

    Never heard of it, may not be well known in Brazil.

  • Not really well-known here in the U.S. either. Our local library just happened to have it, and I just happened to stumble across it years ago as well. I’m honestly surprised I ever found it in the first place!

  • As I think the advertising industry already manipulate in a big matter!

  • True. Them and the media😄.

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