• hello from deep france

    hello hello
    so then i come to you due to the amount of topics so then help i could have here to install antergos on a unpowered laptop with openbox. so then a acer es1 511 , double celeron 64 with 4go of ram and an inexistent or tiny gfx card. i would like to use openbox but i read this is not simple to install ?
    so then i go install it later, on week end i think and after all i hope you will have a gooooood day.
    regards from deep france

  • Bonjour et bienvenue en d’Antergos.
    The install of openbox isn’t hard, like every DE on Antergos it is easy to install.
    For customizing and tweaking it you can read the link below on how to do it.
    Good luck and have fun with it.

  • hello @Bryanpwo and thanx a lot for answer :)
    ok i go install it saturday ^^^^ thanx a lot i’m on studie room but i go to read it this evening

  • ok thanx i took a look and i could install openbox during installation process
    thanx !

  • @yogib33r
    Hi and welcome to Antergos world!

    Another DE worth considering is Xfce. It is a good combination of a light, stable and versatile environment. And it is easy to install.


  • hello @manuel
    yes i know it but i love the simplicity of openbox and the way to change the menu with xml files if i’m right ? so then gogogogogogogooooooo soon to install it.
    thanx and regards :)

  • hello so then success !

    i installed this wonderfull system in cinnamon which is to fat for my centrino64 x 2 with an intel 915 vcard but i go search this evening how to put openbox.

    quite a wonderfull system, more friendly user than manjaro but well all both with arch linux base so goooooood ^^

    i go test it further later, i have to learn osi and tcp/ip models this afternoon

    have a great day ^^


  • @yogib33r
    Nice job! :)
    And have nice with the seven layers of OSI … ;)

  • hello my dear manuel :)
    yes i have a week, theeeeee week to know it but as cisco certifications, question aren’t clear and i have to work hard :) thanx a lot ^^

  • Good luck with that!

  • hello dear new friend :)
    yes i go investigate some more :D so then gogogo to ciscooooo ^^

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