• TeamSpeak Broken + Search Function

    [2018-01-23 17:04] [ALPM] upgraded teamspeak3 (3.1.7-2 -> 3.1.8-1)

    The one time I need more than ever…
    and it just went blahhhhh and quits lol

    I uninstalled and reinstalled as well, but all that probly did was screw me and loose all my info lol

    Just sayin’ cause if no-one says it, no-one knows.

    Also, Pamac History could REALLY use a ctrl+f search function…

  • So it is solved?

  • I had part of this ready to reply but, I’ll explain…

    It is not.

    I just got done with today’s updates 1-25-18 and was left with
    and webkit2gtk

    manged to get kdelibs in doing it by itself, “unchecked the others”
    then enchant, gtkspell & webkit2gtk went in.

    then had

    but would not go in until reboot.

    …and here is where I’m at about 5 1/2 hrs later…

    webkitgtk still building…

    It’s like watching paint dry, but no fun without the fumes :P

  • after about 6hrs of building that, reboot, no still doesn’t work.

  • I’m sry idk why I didn’t try the cmd line to load it…

    here’s what it said

    $ teamspeak3
    /usr/bin/teamspeak3: line 46: ./ts3client_linux_amd64: No such file or directory
  • @firespray said in TeamSpeak Broken + Search Function:


    looks like linked to ./ts3client_linux_amd64 but it is not on this place? also what exactly yoou are using now? binary from teamspeak? or installed from community repo?

  • Its from the repo

    if I go to /usr/bin/teamspeak3 in properties

    that file points to /opt/teamspeak3/ts3client_runscript.sh

    if I go to /opt/teamspeak3/ and double click ts3client_runscript.sh it runs…
    All my bookmarks are working too, I just found this last night.

    The start menu link for teamspeak and cmd line trying to run seams to be whats broke, I think.
    in Home dir I have .ts3client which is new 1-27-18
    also in home I have .Teamspeak 3 which is from 5-21-17

    but I don’t know what or why the update did, or how to fix it

  • Well that did it, the update I just did made the start menu button work and it loaded right up
    and all the setting are still there.

    Many thanks to you sir for the help.

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