• Some issues

    I tried Antergos Minimal (antergos-minimal-18.1-x86_64.iso) with Openbox in a VM(boxes), issues I’ve found:

    1 - kalu is not updating and not closing, I had to manually kill the process


    2 - “ghost windows” as you move the window, some pieces of the windows are left behind


    3 - htop via menu can’t be launched because it says there’s no xterm but when you launch it via terminal it works

    4 - I don’t know how paranoid works but after clicking on it, it’s not launching or doing anything

    5 - ‘Desktop Preferences’ on Applications > Preferences fails to launch, error:


    Maybe it’s all related to using Openbox in a Virtual Machine, so I don’t know if all of the above happens on real desktop.

  • And kalu and pacman were not installing anything, I solved this by using the command:

    sudo rm -rf /var/lib/pacman/db.lck


  • This is just some feedback that might be useful in the future, I will not use the system(so there’s no need to help me solve these issues), it was just a virtual machine test to check how the Openbox was working with Antergos Minimal .iso.

  • Thanks for sharing, @ssspacez

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