• VirtualBox Guest Additions + Vagrant cannot mount with vboxfs

    My problem now is that I installed everything for VirtualBox using this article:
    And also installed virtualbox-guest-utils

    But soon as I try to make a Vagrant box working turns out that the vboxfs is not exists on my system, therefore it cannot mount the working directory into the created VM. I might be not right, but after I installed the utils I should have a module called vboxutils if I run lsmod | grep -i vbox but I don’t have it.

    Trying use modprobe always end up with a FATAL error that the desiger module is not found in my modules folder. Did anybody encountered issue with a VirtualBox shared folder mount? If so, how did you make it work?

  • @adaliszk
    In the Antergos host I have installed:

    virtualbox-guest-iso (needed e.g. for Windows guests)
    linux-headers (if kernel package linux is installed)
    linux-lts-headers (if kernel package linux-lts is installed)

    In the Antergos guest I have installed:


    and my VMs work OK.
    Unfortunately I haven’t used Vagrant, so cannot really help you with that.

    And you probably mean vboxsf and not vboxfs? I have shared folders in use without problems. In my host, user id belongs in the vboxusers group. In my guest, user id belongs to the vboxsf group.

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