Hi guys,

I’m having an issue with a gnome installation and I would appreciate some insight. I have a CIFS mount that is extremely slow (like “never completes” slow), but this is only the case when downloading files from a file manager (tested nautilus and nemo, copy/paste and dnd).

Here are my observations:

  • The upload (writing to the mount) speed from nautilus is perfectly fine
  • If I use gvfs to mount the same directory, the download speed is perfectly fine
  • If I use the the cp command to download the files, it is perfectly fine
  • If I cancel the download in nautilus, I will keep receiving nautilus notifications saying that I have “active file operation”. To really end it, I have to kill the nautilus process

When I try a download from the mount, here is what I see in Nautilus (23 ~5kb files):

Here is my fstab mount:

// /mnt/documents   cifs   noauto,x-systemd.automount,uid=cgagnon,credentials=/home/cgagnon/Private/.cifscreds 0 0

I am on kernel 4.14.13-1 and using gnome 3.26.2, but the same problem occurs on another Antergos machine with Cinnamon/Nemo.

Any ideas?