• Which Antergos-Desktop do you use? [2018]

    at the end it’s similiar with some old Portergos versions, even the old one when i enabled the openbox/xfce “right click” menu under i3-wm, but was too dirty (i removed it).
    I use i3+xfce panel on Antergos for a long time, Portergos too, and you can switch from all desktops on it, and that’s basically the same thing (or a similar result at the end).

  • i3-xfce
    it looks so, i do not know, but it feels frankenstein ;)
    But much more comfortable then i3-gnome on a first hour… much more snappy

    i3-xfce = fantastik!

  • Wow, I love your Frankenstein iXFCE!!!

  • @ringo32 i was only replacing xfwm4 with i3 by removing xfwm4 from session, and create a new starter for i3 … and also modify the file: ~/.config/xfce4/xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml/xfce4-session.xml and replace xfwm4 with i3… and then use my i3 configs from my workdesk

  • I’ve surprised myself as I’m also back to XFCE, after long runs with just about everything else.

    Is it perfect, of course not. Do I miss a couple of convenient behaviors, yes. Is it really good, absolutely. I’m back to just simple, and it’s configurable to look really good too.



  • I have tried almost every Desktop Environment there is, in various distributions, but I always come back to GNOME. The minimal approach fits my workflow and the extensions system is very practical (except when the updates break them) .

  • I use KDE Plasma. Ever since they made it modular, it uses a lot less RAM and is stable. Gnome uses more resources but you don’t get anything for it. Whenever I try another desktop environment, I always end up missing something in Plasma.

    The main reason I try other DE’s is that Plasma just doesn’t look as good no matter what theme I try. Gtk desktops look better to me.

  • I’ve tried all of them more than once. The 3 I like the most are Gnome, Kde and Xfce, but in the end I always go back to Gnome - I like its workflow, other DEs feel too clunky/sluggish (and IMO Window Managers are too minimal for a “complete” desktop for daily use).

  • i always go back to Good old Xfce :) like the control not to heavy and set up on the keys what i prefer. tried gnome & kde, as a modern desktop my opinion kde is a modern one, gnome i dont know so much… is not so consistent, tries too much reinvent the wheel in a sense configuration very spread and not so modular. as a opinion GDM is pretty old , did not get any changes only backwards with no user friendly costumizesation. I do feel gnome can do better on this, but is like build a new design on a old Framework… with Xfce you know is old, but is trusty and very make to your own liking :) also like i3, but sometimes i need a normal desktop… =)

  • XFCE, because i have installed Antergos on an old machine, but recently i have tried Gnome, too and would like probe KDE Plasma.

  • currently is go over to xfce and i3wm lately it stays on i3 also using ly as my cli login manager

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