• Have to Login twice and randomly logged out


    When I log in to Gnome using Gdm, I immediately get sent back to the login screen. Logging in the second time works fine but I seem to get randomly logged out at which point I cannot log in again (I can enter password but when I press enter the password field is greyed out and nothing happens. I can still use the mouse to restart the computer).
    How do I diagnose this problem?
    It only happens for one user, the other is fine.
    Thanks in advance

  • Just happened again lol - I immediately logged in to the other account and looked at the task manager.
    Tracker-store was running using a full cpu core. I waited for it to finish and could log in to my account again. I see gnome shell was upgraded yesterday.

    Should I just disable tracker or investigate further?

  • disabling or removing tracker didn’t help. switched gdm for sddm and gnome for deepin and all seems ok at the moment - will update if i find the cause

  • removing tracker will remove nautilus filebrowser under GNOME ;)

    The only workaround to disable it under GNOME is to change this files:


    by adding Hidden=true

    echo Hidden=true >> /etc/xdg/autostart/tracker-extract.desktop


  • hi, I now have sddm and everything works fine with deepin de.

    However, when I use gnome shell, every 10 minutes or so i get the login animation (when the screen zooms towards you) but everything I’m doing stays the same and I can continue working. Any ideas what is happeneing?

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