Hello everybody
First I want to thank all the developpers for antegros and cinnamon and all the rest:)

im struggling with nemo media columns (installed from package manager) . it seems like everything is here, but in the preferences i dont see, what im looking for: bitrate, album etc. (in the file management preferences list columns the artist doesnt appear, its as if i hadnt installed nemo-media-columns)

in preferred application nemo is set as default application for files.
i have read the topic

i have run:
$ ln -s ~/.config/mimeapps.list ~/.local/share/applications/mimeapps.list
and it said its allready there.

i looked if i had the kaa metadata packet… everything is here.

i put nemo in the group (users and group, add)
i did logout login.

the archwiki is definitely for experienced user and i just switched to arch antergos yesterday (used to just cinnamon and mate and years ago ubuntu), im have no clue how to use the recommendation in the arch wiki, i miss the steps inbetween, if you know what i mean:/…
maybe a somebody has mercy with me and could post a newbie guide how to activate nemo media columns. ill do the commandline if i get the exact command.

thanks in advance for help:)
ps my usual helpers all just say wtf i need to change the filemanager, they never did this :) …

the lost one

edit 24hrs later:
playing around with vlc i found out, even its set as default player in the cinnamon preferences, it doesnt open up as default player. somehow cinnamon doesnt “talk” to antergos or antergos doesnt “listen” to cinnamon… i reread for a thousand times the arch wiki but dont know what to do.
maybe dconf.editor has a clue saying in ignored desktop handlers for nemo “conky”, but the description of that when you click on it is like chinese aka i dont understand…:( its says nemo checks for NET WM WINDOW TYPE DESKTOP type windows and skips managing the desktop if any others are detected etc
and im still shure im just one commandline away from my perfekt desktop:)
would still appreciate very much some help.

edit 48h later:
im sry, cant wait any longer, i need the extensions for work, so i ll quit antergos and go back to a linux distribution i can handle and where the forum is more frequented. i thought i would be able to ask questions in the arch forum, which is very good, but here it takes too much time.
So maybe you want to answer the question just like this for other people runnin into this problem with the columns, but i im gone for now. but i still think antergos is cool. maybe i come back when more people us it and the forum is bigger:)
the lost one