• Antergos won't startup - Bluetooth: Loading sysconfig file failed

    I have had problems installing any linux distro on my MSI. I really want to get Antergos but this problem (which looks like the same one when i try to install any other linux distro), prevents me from booting into linux. I mean, it boots into the USB, but it won’t show up the installation wizard. Here is a video of what happens when i try to boot into the USB. After the ending it just stays stuck forever (tried waiting 30 mins):


    Any help is appreciated.

  • Failed to start show Plymouth boot screen.

    Maybe you should install another… oh crap, just read this:


    When I see the name Fedora, I just walk away. Remove that, install Gnome or another desktop and good luck.

    Also read about Plymouth problems all over the net and this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Plymouth

  • @ahmad-almajdi try adding radeon.modeset=0 to bootline (press eon bootmenu and go to end of the line with right arrow key then type radeon.modeset=0 at the end of the line and press enter to boot with it.

    This errors looks badass:


  • @casquinhas plymouth is used by the Antergos Live ISO, and on ISOLINUX it is still working, but using it on installed system is a bad idea and Antergos do not do that!

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