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    I come from Manjaro KDE and i’ve installed Antergos KDE lastest version and i’m quite happy with it, but i have a little problem.On Manjaro i can install the lastest version of my favorite web browser which is Slimjet, by opening the terminal and typing : yaourt -S slimjet and then edit the package with nano etc…, i have tried this on Antergos and typed this command it didn’t build the package, but it installed an outdated version (slimjet- like i was using pacman command.
    can someone tell me how can i build my own package with yaourt command ?

    thank in advance guys

  • @kgavionics said in AUR on Antergos:

    …how can i build my own package with yaourt command ?

    A package may be present in different repos. Arch package managers search repos for a package in order of repos priority. Slimjet is present in the [antergos] repo. By default, [antergos] has the highest priority. Hence, pacman and yaourt install the first occurence of slimjet found - from the [antergos] repo.

    Pacman and yaourt allow to change this behaviour. It’s enough to explicitely indicate, from which repo you want to install a package. The syntax is simple:

    sudo pacman -S reponame/packagename
    yaourt -S reponame/packagename

    To install slimjet not from [antergos] but from AUR, run:

    yaourt -S aur/slimjet
  • Thank you just for your input. Everything is working fine now.

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