• Smartphone advice wanted

    Guys, for some reasons, the most unimaginable thing has happened: I need a smartphone. Never used one before, so I have no idea what to buy,when I look at what’s available, i mostly see manufacturer’S whose names I have never read before, I caan’t even pronounce som of their names.
    Here’a my short requirements list:
    Max price 350€, dual sim, extendable memory, good camera, I want to use a custom rom on it, as I am not willing to sell my soul data to Google.

  • Way out of budget. And it uses Gnome 3, which is always a no go for me.

  • Sounds good, still it’s too expensive for me.

  • Why not check the supported device list of LineageOS ROM? It’s the most popular rom and gives you more control over your smartphone. You can also have it google-less.

    I would recommend an LG G5 for the reasons that it’s possible to swap the battery, so long term use is guaranteed in that aspect. And it’s a very recent device so you’ve got new technology, with good hardware. Plus you can unlock the bootlocker easily for more (developer) control.

    But you’d really need a custom rom like LineageOS with it because LG sucks at providing updates. I don’t even get security updates from them! I haven’t tested LineageOS yet but it seems to be officially supported.

  • I would take care that it has big internal storage and 3GB RAM (or more) for camera i would go for Motorola or Sony…

  • @Jeannie____
    What @EarthMind suggested (check the LineageOS pages for supported models) is worth doing.
    Big RAM is also very useful as @joekamprad said.

    So, e.g. Samsung Galaxy S7 is supported by LineageOS and is much cheaper nowadays, I think about the price range what you said.

    Also OnePlus 5 is now cheaper than it used to be, and is supported by LineageOS. It has dual SIM and a very large RAM.

    And there are new Nokia phones with Android. Nokia 8 is good but costs more than you were willing to pay, but Nokia 6 is much cheaper.
    Soon there will be a new version of Nokia 6 that has a better processor than the older Nokia 6. These current Nokia phones are updated quite well, as promised by their maker. So far I haven’t seen any custom ROMs for these Nokia phones.

    EDIT: not all of them have dual SIMs, but all of them have many other merits. I’m not an expert on cameras, so don’t really know about them.

  • Both, the s7 as well as the oneplus5 are beyond my budget.

  • @Jeannie____
    They are above the budget you mentioned in here too, but not much. Just thought to mention those, because they are attractively priced good phones, S7 is slightly over 350 euros, and OP5 slightly more.
    However, the Nokia 6 has dual SIM and is/will be well within your budget…

  • @Jeannie____
    Here’s a list of supported devices: https://wiki.lineageos.org/devices/
    Many of them are rather old, but not all.

  • A friend of mine once said (this may not be the best translation but please bear with me…):
    when buying things, if you want to have good quality and a low price, you’ll have to buy both of them (one good and one cheap).

    EDIT: why didn’t I use google translation…
    If you want to buy good and cheap, it’s best to buy two.

  • @EarthMind said in Smartphone advice wanted:

    I would recommend an LG G5

    Also G4 is not yet out of date. I still keep it together with G6, and they are my favorite phones so far. :)

  • Nokia 8 costs €599 in Portugal, but it has been at €400. Yes, four hundred cookies. So if you find one, grab it.
    Sure Nokia 6 is cheaper and and will be a version of 4GB of RAM.
    I’m currently on Nokia 5 and love it. I’m on Oreo and it’s fast for me and I use lot’s of apps and use it during the day for everything. Sound is amazing, microphone too, but it’s all made of aluminum and strong as a strong bull.
    With Nokia, ops, HMD Global, you have updates for Oreo and next Android version as they get out, sometimes faster than Pixel and other Google phones.

  • Guys, thanks so far for your recommendations, but my budget is more or less fixed at 300€, so recommending out of budget phones is not really helpful.

  • @jeannie____ said in Smartphone advice wanted:

    Guys, thanks so far for your recommendations, but my budget is more or less fixed at 300€, so recommending out of budget phones is not really helpful.

    So Nokia 6 it is. You still have a few bucks to buy a 64GB card for extra storage and it’s not over 300 euros.

  • Any experiences with rooting/flashing it?

  • @jeannie____ said in Smartphone advice wanted:

    Any experiences with rooting/flashing it?

    Rooting none. But flashing, I use it sometimes for the most difficult pictures, where low light is a problem.

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