• Extreme slowly install...

    Extreme slowly install…

    Fetching google-fonts-typewolf ... 

    1 hours and more and stil on 40%
    Are this distro is alive?

  • @Sky
    Maybe you have some (temporarily?) disabled mirror(s). Or a very slow connection…
    Can be many reasons.

  • @manuel said in Extreme slowly install...:

    Or a very slow connection…
    I’m not a idiot!

  • One time I installed Antergos without letting the installer chooses the best mirrors for me, big mistake, it took like 4 hours or more to install… But I think this is not the issue here, is it old hardware?

  • Well, lost 3 hours and move back to ubuntu…

  • Maybe it’s compiling? I remember trying Sabayon, a Gentoo based distro, in Gentoo world everything has to be compiled and can take a very long time, but after that is fast to use. As I have an old laptop, updating or installing apps would take hours and I couldn’t use that distro. Maybe in the installation of Antergos a few things are compiled too, I don’t know. But I think this doesn’t happen with Antergos in general, maybe just on the installation? Not every package has to be compiled as far as I remember on a daily use, install and update, because it’s usually fast to do it.

  • @ssspacez
    AFAIK, Antergos does not compile during the installation process. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.
    But if packages are installed from AUR, then many of them will be compiled, which can take a lot of time.

  • @manuel said in Extreme slowly install...:

    AFAIK, Antergos does not compile during the installation process. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.

    You’re right. I guess cnchi let pacman compare the versions from a package from /var/cache/pacman/pkg with the one from the repository. At least is what i think “Fetching” means.

  • That is correct. It simply pulls down pre-compiled binaries and installs them. Compiling only happens when you get into yaourt and git cloning with makepkg.

  • If you have a multi-core CPU, you can and should install ccache and set your make flags to the number of cores you have, which can make compiling much faster.

    First install ccache:

    sudo pacman -S ccache

    Next enable ccache and set makeflags for makepkg:

    sudo nano /etc/makepkg.conf

    find BUILDENV=
    remove the ! in front of ccache so the line looks like this:

    BUILDENV=(!distcc color ccache check !sign)

    find MAKEFLAGS=
    change it so it looks similar to:

    MAKEFLAGS="-j17 -l16"

    Replace 17 with your number of cores +1, and 16 with your number of cores. I am currently using a Ryzen 1700x, which is why I use -j17 -l16
    save and close
    Next make sure ccache and makeflags are set at all times in case we compile something without using a package manager:

    nano ~/.bashrc

    add these lines, save, close:

    export PATH="/usr/lib/ccache/bin/:$PATH"
    export MAKEFLAGS="-j17 -l16"

    again, replace 17 with your number of cores +1, and 16 with your number of cores.

  • @Sky “fetching” is a weird word to use in a installation, maybe it makes sense for developers but I’m not a native English speaker and I’ve never bothered to look what it means and I remember seeing this word a lot during the installation, it means “searching” according to Google Translate, but some dictionaries say that it could also mean “attractive” or something like that, maybe “Searching” would be a better word so most people would understand what the installer is doing. The only time I recall using “fetch” is using screenfetch or neofetch to show system informations. Now the names of these packages make more sense to me, they are searching (fetching) system information.

  • English is tough since we can use words so many different ways and there are really no rules that are ALWAYS true, just often true.

    In this case fetching means “to go out and get something”. In this case, files from an Internet repository. We might also use it like “The dog is fetching the ball.” Meaning going and getting the ball and bringing it back.

    That is what fetch means in this context.

    I hope that helps.

  • nice conversation and very lessonfull ;)

    but off topic and also user is not responding, and may happy with ubuntu!


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