• Thunderbird UI text is missing

    Thunderbird 52.5.2-1 UI text is missing on MATE (but with Gnome works fine).

    main window
    main window

    settings dialog
    settings dialog

    at the same time thunderbird-beta-bin 58.0b3-1 works fine on MATE
    thunderbird-beta-bin 58.0b3-1

  • @vbmaxim
    Some kind of background or font color issue under Thunderbird? Or even font size setting?
    Thunderbird is working OK for me in Xfce.

    Please report issues including all details! ;-)
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    and show the URL.

  • @vbmaxim
    There is an old bug reported for some people using MATE where firefox has the same bug that your facing with thunderbird.
    The solution was to change the program font to something else and then switch back the the old one, that is usually enough to correct the bug. You can try with thunderbird too and see if it works.

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  • Thanks you all for replies.
    It seems, that trouble in MATE’s Application font default size, its 0.

    font size

    I have set to 10 and problem is gone.

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