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    Good afternoon community, will be short what I will say, I created a program (Meowndloads) in GTK + python using the library youtube-dl, the program I have the beta phase, because there are still many things such as: Documentation, translation, installation and some functional aspects, I wanted to share them, listen to opinions and suggestions, even if someone is interested in participating and helping me, will be welcome, I will be working hard to make it stable and meet the requirements of the community, I hope you like it and If so, spread it, at the moment it is only in Spanish, but it will be in several languages more, thank you.

    Link: [https://wilferciro.github.io/meowndloads/](Página oficial)

    Buenas tardes comunidad, va a ser corto lo que diré, he creado un programita (Meowndloads) en GTK+ python utilizando la librería youtube-dl, el programa lo tengo el fase beta, pues aún faltan muchas cosas como lo es: Documentación, traducción, instalación y algunos aspectos funcionales, quería compartirles, escuchar opiniones y sugerencias, igualmente si alguien esta interesado en participar y ayudarme, será bienvenido, estaré trabajandole fuertemente para hacer que sea estable y que cumpla con los requerimientos de la comunidad, espero que les guste y si es así, lo difundan, en el momento sólo se encuentra en español, pero pontamente estará en varios lenguajes más, gracias.

    Enlace: [https://wilferciro.github.io/meowndloads/](Página oficial)

  • [[email protected] meowndloads]$ python3 meowndloads_app/window_multi.py
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “meowndloads_app/window_multi.py”, line 14, in <module>
    from modulo_youtube_dl import propiedades_cancion, modulo_descarga
    File “/home/lino/git/meowndloads/meowndloads/meowndloads_app/modulo_youtube_dl.py”, line 4, in <module>
    import youtube_dl
    ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘youtube_dl’
    [[email protected] meowndloads]$

  • @casquinhas Hi, you have to install youtube_dl module,

    pip3 install youtube_dl
    sudo pacman -S youtube-dl

    I am working to perform the part of the installation where the dependencies are installed automatically, at the moment it is only in beta and I want to see if this software can be useful 🏂 thanks !!!

  • Ok, it has downloaded a few videos, now the last one is slow, but downloading.
    If I find something broken, I’ll tell you. But it’s nice, sometimes browser extensions don’t work and this can help.

  • @casquinhas Thank you, my idea is to make an effort and get an efficient software, and of course, I would love for mistakes to make me know, as well as add or change things: D

  • I choose MP4 for video but it downloads WEBM.

  • @casquinhas Yes, it’s an temporal file, when this download, the conversion to mp4 starts

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