• Greetings

    Hi fellas,

    Have been using Antergos Cinnamon for a couple weeks. All’s well.

    Dabble between Solus and Antergos, as they’re both simple and run quickly.

    Especially enjoy your spin with Cnchi, as well as Pamac.

    Thank you dev(s).


  • welcome here! at one of the most friendly Linux communities around !

  • Welcome to Antergos friend :). If you ever are in need of any help, we would love to see what we can do!

  • Thanks lads. 😀 That’s very nice of you!

    You’ve already helped out greatly by just offering Antergos.

    Sent over a small donation, not much, but hopefully can help.

    Thanks again,

    PS…Nice job with RebornOS…congrats Keegan.

  • Thank you so much @GreenMartian! I didn’t realize news traveled so quickly over here😄.

  • @keegan said in Greetings:

    Thank you so much @GreenMartian! I didn’t realize news traveled so quickly over here😄.

    Downloaded RebornOS. Installed along with Deepin desktop. Loved it.

    There are a few details that are pretty impressive, with the first install list of software and later on Deepin, that detects that it’s a virtual machine and asks the user if he wants the full blown power of Deepin or just a fast desktop.

    The fast desktop uses 591MB of RAM and the full 100MB more.

    If that is not amazing…

    So in a few days, I realized that we have Arch, Antergos, antergos:rescue and RebornOS.

    Four flavors of Arch. Every single one, fantastic.

  • Thank you so much for the high compliments @casquinhas😀. If you have any suggestions for improvement in Reborn, I would love to hear them! I’m currently working on automatic flatpak integration for Gnome Software from flathub. But if there’s anything else, just let me know.


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