• Brother 7440n mfc driver from deb

    I have a brother 7440n mfc which i can use using the 7420 driver which prints fine but scans pink…
    If i want to install the proper driver it gives me it in rpm or deb
    So i get a script that dowmloads 5 deb files which i can pull the debs im thinking i can extract them debs somehow or maybe get them built into the aur for other users any tips …

  • i do create some brother driver PKGBUILDS here:

    and the deb’s are here:


    You can try to clone and change one of them from my github, or i can do later, now i will need to take my little girl from shool;)

  • i installed DPKG which just ran the installer and installed all the files required which was a quick hack - ill take a look at the way you do it …
    I did originally get it working with the 7420n driver which scans great but scanning pages come out pink
    after putting the 7440n driver on its still pink so ill have to look into removing the old 7420n scanner driver :(

  • after removing brscan4 its fixed !
    ive read about not using debs and if you do just use it for say one quick install
    this is a good way just to get the 7440n printer scanner working good
    but be better if i can learn how to make a the aur and help the community just know were to begin!

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