• change from lightdm to deepin login

    Hi ive got deepin installed on my computer and laptop and get lightdm but when the screen locks i get deepins login screen which is much nicer ! what is the way to make deepin the default when i boot the machine
    i really dont want to break it hope its easy!!

    thank you :)

  • lightdm-deepin-greeter instead of lightdm-webkit2-greeter inside

    sudo nano /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf





    if it fails you can switch back from simple uncommenting and commenting them out…

  • Awesome ill give this a whirl in the morning
    Thankyou so much 😎
    So far loving the deepin merge from gnome

  • @joekamprad I tested it and it works :D
    Thank you joeamprad :D

  • works perfect thank you
    i switched the laptop so its the main server next
    whats a lovely refreshing look:)

  • when i installed deepin-meta it installed that …
    i didnt know till i rebooted but what another lovely surprise!! really polished look
    i like the modern way this desktop brings across linux
    real eye candy

  • The only thing i do not like is the dock, it is not jet configurable so well.

    But all together deepin has a very snappy look and feel, and very good rendering!

  • yes it needs a little more work - its pretty straight forward which i like - i think be nice to add network / wifi separately enebale / disable to the dock instead of just network. And im experiencing problems when i change icon theme. … changes in the applications but not on the dock - sometimes does if i log out and back in - bit hit and miss.
    apart from that its fresh and a good foundation for a amazing desktop - just be good if they were a bit more active towards the suggestions made on the website …

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