• After accidental hard reset something broke...

    i accidentally hit the reset button while trying to plug in my headphones…after restart the app launcher widget(when clicked) would cause the screen to go blank for a second or two then return…almost like a refresh…when i click on the system tools icon on my desktop it will act like it’s trying to do something then return to it’s normal icon state without bringing up the system tools…the other icons on my desktop are working normally(dolphin, terminal, gwenview, clementine, vlc, wire, telegram and vivaldi)…haven’t been able to check other system files without launcher

    not sure why this happened…just installed antergos 5 days ago and everything was running perfectly…can’t understand why a hard reset would do something like this…i have done hard resets on other distros without an issue

    currently running the latest version of antergos using kde plasma

    any thoughts or suggestions to fix/repair without having to re-install?



  • in addition, i have noticed that i have received 2 separate notifications for system updates which include the application launcher, system settings and other various system files which i thought might fix the issue but after updating the issue has not been resolved even though my computer states that the system is up to date…


  • @kaoscoded
    It is possible that when you did the reset, the system was doing something heavy with the files on the disk.
    A journaling file system (what file system are you using?) should be able to deal with most disk problems, but probably not all.

    Or maybe there is a hardware problem on your disk? What kind of a disk is it?

    Anyway, if you have anything valuable on the disk, I suggest doing a backup right away, just in case.
    Well, backups are always a very good thing to do.

    After backup, if there still are serious problems (and the disk appears to be healthy), it may unfortunately be necessary to reinstall…

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