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    I entred to BIOS menu and clicked to load default options and after that my pc logs automatically to Windows 10.

    I re-entered to BIOS to change boot menu but i didnt find antergos_grub anymore.
    I logged to W10 and i did diskpart and assigned to boot partition (FAT) to E: and i found that there is a folder called antergos_grub but i dont find it in grub.

    Help me please.

  • @oussama.ah95 Are Antergos and windows on the same disk or separate disks?

  • @Janxinz On the same disk, i had antergos with windows 10 (dual boot)

  • @oussama.ah95 When you open BIOS and select boot order does it show your separate partitions?

  • @Janxinz now it shows me only one option, but before loading the optimized options i had 2 options
    2)windows 10

    i forget to mention that upgrated windows today i found in the net that windows could be the reason

  • @oussama.ah95 If you go to Disk management in Windows and look at your partition, does antergos partition have a disk letter assigned to it? Your Windows is identified as E: according to your post.

  • @oussama.ah95 My apologies for asking one liners, Im just trying to rule out variables. I had similar problem when I did my first dual boot :)

  • @Janxinz , no antergos doesnt have a letter assigned to it
    i followed this to tutorial to check if my grub were deleted or not and i assigned the EFI partition to E:
    windows letter is C:

  • @oussama.ah95 So now you have an EFI partition that has no grub loader folder in it? That may be why it isnt showing up in your boot options. I recommend re-installing from USB.

    1. Install Antergos
    2. Once complete restart and disconnect USB
    3. Go into BIOS and re-order boot order to be:
      windows 10
    4. Save & Exit then see if it loads up grub
    5. Select Antergos and when you are logged in open a terminal and run:
      sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg (Shout out to @manuel for helping me with this) this will allow you to select windows from grub menu on boot

    If you dont want to re-install we can try something else.

  • @Janxinz thanks you but i don’t want to re-install it i have many softwares installed …

  • Im thinking you need to copy all of the /boot/ and sub-folders and files to target partition (EFI E: for grub) then reboot and see if it shows up again in BIOS.

  • @oussama.ah95
    Hi there!
    Could you show the output of command:

    lsblk -f

    You can do it by booting with the USB stick and running that command in the terminal.
    Later (during the “stick” boot) could you please show the output of:

    mount /dev/sda1 /mnt  # change /dev/sda1 to be your EFI partition!
    find /mnt/boot -iname \*.efi -exec ls -l {} \;

    The EFI partition is the one with vfat FSTYPE.

  • @manuel

    NAME   FSTYPE  LABEL       UUID                                 MOUNTPOINT
    loop0  squashf                                                  /run/archiso/sfs
    ├─sda1 ntfs    Recovery    B61008B310087C9D                     
    ├─sda2 vfat                560B-8395                            
    ├─sda4 ntfs                8A9814B49814A0AD                     
    ├─sda5 ntfs                124E2EFD4E2ED8ED                     
    ├─sda6 ntfs    Nouveau nom CCF008FFF008F18E                     
    ├─sda7 swap                1ef84f7a-825a-4dcb-abcf-70e9e229df6c 
    ├─sda8 ext4                cd5cb14d-1872-4fe3-8d66-56992a506015 
    └─sda9 ext4                f94620b6-8ec3-46b7-9ce9-74f70242fc15 
    └─sdb1 vfat    ANTERGOS    1A13-2C2E                            /run/archiso/boosr0                                                             

    in my case the commands you gave could fix the problem ?

  • @Janxinz thanks, reinstalling is easier than copying with wiindows commands

  • @oussama.ah95
    No, it just shows what you have currently.
    And you partition seems to be /dev/sda2.

  • @manuel
    the output of the second command

    find /mnt/boot -iname \*.efi -exec ls -l {} \;
    find: ‘/mnt/boot’: No such file or directory
  • @oussama.ah95
    Did you run these both commands:

    mount /dev/sda2 /mnt
    find /mnt/boot -iname \*.efi -exec ls -l {} \;

    Maybe you need to add sudo in front of the first command…

  • @manuel
    yes i did it with su
    but the second fails

  • @oussama.ah95
    Before setting the bios to default i had memtest in boot entry too but now i dont have it

  • @oussama.ah95
    So what does the following show:

    mount /dev/sda2 /mnt  # if not done already
    ls -la /mnt/boot
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