• Grub Problem

    OK, it may work now, you can reboot without the stick.

  • And if it doesn’t still work, can you get the BIOS see the boot options as before?

  • @manuel
    it works! thank you a lot !
    i have antergos in the efi options but i dont have memtest
    and i don’t have windows in grub options

  • @oussama.ah95
    Great to hear!

    But I just noticed one issue with the grub-install command you just did.
    You probably can fix it with a single command (in normal boot, no USB):

    sudo grub-install --target=x86_64-efi --efi-directory=/boot/efi --bootloader-id=antergos_grub

    There was one too many efi word… sorry about that (shouldn’t work so late…). This command should fix the Windows in the grub (famous last words… ;)).

  • @manuel
    but the last command didnt fix the windows

  • @oussama.ah95

    Strange. But we are not without ideas just yet…
    You can write a file /boot/grub/custom.cfg with the following contents:

    menuentry "Windows" {
      set file=/EFI/Microsoft/Boot/bootmgfw.efi
      insmod fat
      search --set=root --file $file
      chainloader $file

    It should give a new boot GRUB entry “Windows”, and selecting that should boot to Windows.

  • Sorry, I must go now. But if you have more issues, I’ll be here tomorrow. And others can help you, too. :)

  • @manuel thank you manuel :D
    I’ll try to add the windows entry

    i have an other question how can i add memtest to the efi boot options like we did to antergos ?

  • @manuel and do you know why i have 2 EFI folders?
    one with only antergos and the other with the EFI options that i had before setting the bios to default ?
    Could we load the bios menu with tje forst EFI folder that contains all my previous bios entry?

  • @oussama.ah95
    I think you can safely delete E:\EFI\EFI folder.
    You could still check that folders E:\EFI\antergos_grub and E:\EFI\EFI\antergos_grub have about the same files.

    It was created in the first attempt of grub-install command, the line had option --efi-directory=/boot/efi/EFI.
    The second grub-install attempt put grub’s efi info into the right place (into /boot/efi).

    Oh, and now you should do

    sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg

    in your existing Antergos install. I was too tired yesterday to notice you still need to do that to have Windows in Antergos’s boot menu.

    EDIT: Seems that memtest is not enabled by default, and TBH I’ve never used it in Antergos. There is a memtest86+ package in official repos, and memtest86-efi in AUR packages. Maybe one of them would work (although please note that AUR packages are not officially supported and are made by any user that wants to offer a package).

  • @manuel
    Thank you manuel , you saved me!

    i deleted mentest and i reinstalled it and i can find it in the efi options now :D

  • @oussama.ah95
    Thanks and great to hear it works now!
    And if you feel this is solved, could you please mark the thread as such, with a button below. :)

  • @manuel unfortunately, i started windows 10 then i shutdown my pc.
    After 2 hours i wanted to log in with antergos but suddenly my pc boots automatically to windows. I entered to the bios menu to change the order but i didn"t found the antergos_grub and memtest86 again :( .
    I have only windows boot manager, do i have to mount it everytime i start windows 10 ?

  • @oussama.ah95
    Hmm… What is your machine’s exact model?

    It is a known fact that e.g. some HP machines tend to boot only to Windows unless some trick is used to work around that.

  • @manuel

    lenovo ideapad 500-15isk i7-6500u

  • This post is deleted!
  • @manuel I think that the bios doesn’t load files from the correct location because when i fix it last time it didn’t load memtest so i had to delete it and reinstall it to find it in efi boot options

  • @oussama.ah95
    It may be that Windows or Lenovo somehow deletes external boot files (mainly *.efi files) from the EFI partition, that would explain why Antergos boot stuff disappears after a reboot or shutdown.

    Can you check what files there currently are under E:\EFI, and are they now different from the time when Antergos was working OK?

  • @manuel
    i’ve already checked


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