• Very simple script to Create New User


    This is a very simple script to create new users. (some desktops don’t have a proper tool to add users)

    Requires yad to be installed.
    The script must be runned as root or sudo.

    After decompress the file be sure to make it an executable.
    chmod +x /PATH_TO_FILE/create_new_user

    Use it and change it at will!


  • @fernandomaroto
    nice work! :)

    I have also done a simple user manager with yad. It seems to work, but is more limited than just using command line tools. And it does not have any bells and whistles, just a simple yad interface.
    And naturally it needs much more testing to be reliable enough.

    It can

    • add a user
    • delete a user
    • modify user (in a very limited way): change user id, add to group, change primary group
    • add a group
    • delete a group

    Does that sound anything useful for you?

    EDIT: just noticed that it needs to inform user about errors more graphically… but no fatal errors so far :)

  • @manuel said in Very simple script to Create New User:

    Does that sound anything useful for you?

    Sure, can you share your script?

  • @fernandomaroto
    Yes, here: https://pastebin.com/HB4ADT7m
    (Again it needs to be converted by e.g. dos2unix).

    As a tip, it is most useful to run it from terminal (but not required of course). Then you will see possible errors it gives.

    And please report any findings! :)

  • Thank you so much @fernandomaroto and @manuel😀. Trying out your scripts right now…

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