• Add automatic fixes to the .iso

    After distrohopping, dualbooting, installing multiple distros on partitions, switching Desktop Environments and having a lot of troubles and sometimes having to fix things manually, I was wondering if one day the live media would include automatic fixes for the most common issues.

    After booting with the live media, in a ideal scenario I would like to have these options:

    • Restore system to Default
    • Fix GRUB
    • Fix Login, Display Manager and Greeter
    • Fix Boot
    • Fix Kernel panic

    I think those are the common issues, maybe there are others, but if these options worked would be simply amazing and save a lot of time. Just boot with a pendrive, select the fix, reboot and it’s working again, like magic.

    I know this is a bit of a utopian thing and probably this is not easy to do but I think this could help a lot in the future!

  • there was a plan to create a rescue ISO … i was thinking about this also, but as long as i need to provide the nvidia enabled ISO i will not have time to do so…

  • @ssspacez
    Not a bad idea! But may be quite challenging to implement.

    Some thoughts:

    • many of these annoying problems could be fixed, if related files (apps+configs) could be restored to some previous known working state
    • Fixing GRUB and Boot is usually the same. A major PITA is os-prober, it just doesn’t work reliably, and may be very difficult to fix anyway.
    • Kernel panic may be caused by very many reasons, e.g. incorrect grub.cfg
  • it will be mostly impossible to solve automatic for all different possibillity of installations… may possible for a standard full disk automatic install…

  • @joekamprad
    Yeah, fixing multibooting with many different OSs may be extremely hard.

  • i was thinking more of a toolset, and desktop wiki with howtos for the different issues

  • @joekamprad That would be quite helpful for many users.

    Btw, if I find the time, I could write a script that would generate file /boot/grub/custom.cfg for a system. It might help fix at least some boot problems, but I guess it cannot handle all possible scenarios since that would be too difficult to implement.
    The good part is that it would not break anything, since /boot/grub/custom.cfg is not generated by any other tool AFAIK.

    EDIT: actually, it probably is more useful to have good howtos instead of trying to implement something too difficult… ;)

  • @joekamprad

    Android has this: Reset your Android device to factory settings.
    I’ve seen multiple times this being a recommended action for many issues on manufacturers’ forums. Of course this will wipe user data, remove apps and so on, a warning with capital letters talking about what will happen is mandatory.

  • i guess a gui using dialog or yad to mount user partitions, reinstall grub and update grub could be easilly done, but it all takes time to do.

    To fix windows dual booting with linux is more complicated cause the windows bootloader needs to be runned from windows image itslef.

    Fix login is virtually the same as above:

    1. Mount partitions
    2. chroot to mount point
    3. install, enable login manager or execute some grub command, update system and regenerate initramfs (kernel panic)
  • an arch-chroot yad would be good ;)

  • @joekamprad said in Add automatic fixes to the .iso:


    Is it real? PLEASE make it real!!

  • @fernandomaroto at the moment i have huge problems build the nvidia ISO, start thinking i need to start from scratch, and remove all unessessary, and testing stuff i forked from original antergos-iso :::

  • @joekamprad said in Add automatic fixes to the .iso:

    i have huge problems build the nvidia ISO

    what’s happening? If i can help on something (not too time consuming) let me know.

    OBS: when i have more time i’ll try to add the mount options and arch-chroot to my “central_utilities” script, then you can fork it or use it as idea.

  • @fernandomaroto IT’S HAPPENING!

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