• Cnchi 0.14.410 freezing and boot step suggestion

    Frozen installer, tried rebooting a few times

    After several minutes frozen, it works and continues, but the user have the impression that something have gone wrong.

    There were some updates recently? My wifi works now, I installed a few days ago too and didn’t work and I had to manually add the wifi SSID and security, now after I selected my wifi connected automatically, good!

    Update: The installation went well.
    Update2: no it didn’t.
    After rebooting there’s nothing, just a black screen and little " _ " flashing on the top left corner.

  • I will try to reinstall and see if it works.

    By the way I’m choosing the Default option, that erases everything and just install Antergos Cinnamon. Here is gparted partitions now before this reinstallation that I’m trying to do:


  • Nope, reinstalling failed, Error 524.


  • I think I know what’s happening, I think I’m installing the boot in the pendrive, not the HDD. I now chose the HDD in the 2 options in the last few steps of the installation, I was choosing the HDD in the first menu and the pendrive in the second menu.

    Let’s see if it works now. I will update this topic soon.

    It worked, the installation work, the problem was the last installation step, I was choosing the wrong option of boot.

    So, I think probably more people are having troubles with that last step about the boot.

    I will make a suggestion here of rethinking that boot step/window because it can be confusing or if a person is not paying too much attention or chooses the wrong option, the person will not be able to boot Antergos and think the distro is bad.

    Personally I don’t see the point of that screen/step, it should install the boot by default in the person’s disk. Doesn’t make any sense to me an option to install the boot in a pendrive when you are installing the distro from the same pendrive. That page needs to be improved, reworked or removed, probably it’s causing confusion for some people.

    Just another thing, the theme error at login screen. This happened everytime I installed:


    I always choose “Load Default Theme” and it seems to work.

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