• Correct way to address /tmp size limit limit / resource exhausted

    Sometimes when installing software, the /tmp folder gets full to it’s size limit. On a system with 8gb of ram this is 4gb default.

    I have hardly ever seen swap used, the ram is rarely ever completely filled with xfce desktop. I think the mate task manger might show the /tmp folder instead of swap but with the multiload NG plugin for xfce4, I believe the background lighter green readout for ram shows /tmp use. Correct me if I’m wrong please.

    I ended up messing up the antergos install that was having that issue, and ‘solved’ the problem while I was having to reinstall anyways by setting /tmp as it’s own partition when running through cnchi, and I take that preventative measure now.

    You probably shouldn’t resize partitions your system while its running (not even sure that’s possible) but I’ve read several variations of answers to this question.

  • @Moe_Narrow

    1 - The simplest workaround for this is rebooting, it will clean tmp and you will be able to install more packages.

    2 - You can choose another folder for tmp in Pamac preferences

    3 - Increase the size of tmp with a command line, read Arch documentation about it

    I don’t like the way this tmp thing is, but this is how it works.

  • the other way is to not use RAM for tmpfs:

    Disable automatic mount
    Under systemd, /tmp is automatically mounted as a tmpfs even though no entry is specified in /etc/fstab.

    To disable the automatic mount, run:

    sudo systemctl mask tmp.mount

    Files will no longer be stored in a tmpfs, but on the block device instead. The /tmp contents will now be preserved between reboots, which might not be the desired behavior. To regain the previous behavior and clean the /tmp folder automatically when restarting, consider using tmpfiles.d:

    sudo nano /etc/tmpfiles.d/tmp.conf
    insert this:

    # see tmpfiles.d(5)
    # always enable /tmp folder cleaning
    D! /tmp 1777 root root 0
    # remove files in /var/tmp older than 10 days
    D /var/tmp 1777 root root 10d
    # namespace mountpoints (PrivateTmp=yes) are excluded from removal
    x /tmp/systemd-private-*
    x /var/tmp/systemd-private-*
    X /tmp/systemd-private-*/tmp
    X /var/tmp/systemd-private-*/tmp

    save with [Ctrl+X]

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