• After dual booting Antergos and windows can't activate Antergos

    Hello everyone:
    I am trying to dual boot Antergos with windows(by following this guide https://itsfoss.com/dual-boot-antergos-windows-uefi/).
    and after the installation is done, I have reset my computer and went in to the boot menu. However Antergos is not an option in the menu.

    How can it be solved? thanks for the help!

  • @oren_danniel
    How did you create the installer USB stick?
    Did you mount /boot/efi to the existing ESP during installation?
    Can you tell us something about your machine? Does it support UEFI?

  • @manuel
    A.I am using lenovo ideapad 510
    B.secondly I have the LRS_ESP partition which is fat32 type and I have SYSTEM_DRV which is also of fat32 type, however I don’t have the ESP partition.
    does it mean that my machine doesn’t support UEFI?
    C.I have created my USB stick using rufus.

    0_1515830875285_Screenshot from 2018-01-13 08-06-15.png 0_1515830878165_Screenshot from 2018-01-13 08-07-30.png

  • @oren_danniel
    I believe Lenovo ideapad 510 is new enough to support UEFI.
    In the picture I can see only one fat32 partition: SYSTEM_DRV on /dev/sda1.
    What is the contents of that partition?
    In which partition did you install Antergos? It is not visible in the picture…

    About Rufus: did you use DD mode?
    Another program for creating the installer is Etcher (https://etcher.io/).
    Sometimes a USB creator program is not producing a proper USB stick, so then you can try another program.

  • @manuel lenovo ideapad 510
    thanks for the quick response manuel,
    There is a second screenshot In case it is not visible
    here it is!

    I have tried using both and both didn’t work

  • @oren_danniel
    Sorry I missed the second screenshot, my bad.
    So could you show the contents of those fat32 partitions?

  • @oren_danniel do you free space on one of the ntfs prtitions by shrinking ? or where do you create partitions for Antergos?

  • @manuel How does one show the contents of a partition?

  • @joekamprad
    By shrinking an existing partition

  • Same problem. Any ideas?

  • @oren_danniel
    When it is in fat32, you can see it e.g. in Windows with File Explorer, or in command prompt with command:

    dir X:\

    where X is the Windows drive name of any fat32 partition.

  • @oren_danniel said in After dual booting Antergos and windows can't activate Antergos:

    @manuel How does one show the contents of a partition?

    from liveIso:

    mounting with filemanager, copy path, and do a

    ls /mountpoint/


    [[email protected] ~]$ ls /run/media/joekamprad/daten/
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    what is your windows version?

  • @joekamprad windows 10 Home

  • @manuel 0_1515831284649_22a14749-2726-4635-8fe4-35b97581195f-image.png

    I am a bit confused none of these partition in the windows side has a fat32 type

  • @oren_danniel
    Oh yes they are not mounted by default in Windows.
    So you could use the method joekamprad suggested:

    • boot with the USB stick
    • start a file manager and mount a fat32 (or vfat) partition with it
    • start a terminal and give a similar command what joe suggested
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