• Antergos Live USB boot stops on empty progressbar and 'ok' message

    Hi all,
    Trying to install Antergos on my new desktop. I did it before many times on different machines, but this time I need your help :)

    I tried regular, minimum and nvidia types of image, I did dd to flash. In all the cases I get the screen like below.

    The machine is fairly new, but I know Antergos supports UEFI nicely, nvidia OSS drivers also should support my GFX card.

    The configuration for the reference:
    AMD Ryzen 5, Motherboard: Gigabyte AB350N, Graphics: MSI GTX 1060 6GB, 16GB RAM.

    Photo of Antergos boot error
    This ‘progressbar’ takes around 1/3 of the screen width (it’s wide on the picture because it is ultrawide display). It does nothing, pressing Enter or Esc reboots to BIOS boot menu.

    With the BIOS boot menu I get ca 10 boot entries pointing to my USB stick, all the same names. I guess they differ somehow (different loader configs?) but I have no way to distinguish them. I tried each entry though, and the result was always the same - as on the picture. Choosing the entry on bootmenu causes the display to change to the one on the picture almost instantly, no CLI or other boot logs/errors appear at all.

    How can I enable some logging mode on such early stage, to get any clue on what’s going on?

    Ubuntu Live USB boots like a charm. But as usual, I adore Antergos, I want to use it :)

  • @remi00
    Maybe kernel related… If you have no problem with bandwith you can try do download my iso and run cnchi to install Antergos. At boot choose LTS kernel


    If you’re willing to try:


    Don’t boot xfce4 cause cnchi has a theme problem there.


  • @remi00 said in Antergos Live USB boot stops on empty progressbar and 'ok' message:

    Graphics: MSI GTX 1060

    or my one ;) Antergos-Nvidia:

    As it is a very new nvidia card nouveau driver is not 100% working well on all configurations/Systems

    You may want to try adding nomodeset or nouveau.modeset=0 to kernelparameter if you retry boot with standard Antergos iso!

  • @remi00 said in Antergos Live USB boot stops on empty progressbar and 'ok' message:

    I tried regular, minimum and nvidia types of image

    so may you already try my ISO ? or do you use Pilzbauers ISO?

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